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        【VOA】 永遠不要放棄追夢

        發表于 2019-8-6 02:32:19 | 只看該作者 回帖獎勵 |倒序瀏覽 |閱讀模式

        And now join us now for Words and Their Stories, a program from VOA Learning English.

        現在參與到我們的節目中吧,我們的節目是來自VOA學英語的《詞匯掌故》。On this show we talk about the origins and meanings of common expressions in American English. Every week we dream up topics you might find interesting. Well, we also do research. But today we have dreamt up a show on "dreams."我們的節目探討美語里常用表達的來源和意義。每周我們會想出你們感興趣的主題。我們也會做調查。不過今天,我們要編一期主題為“dreams”的節目。Dreams are the visions we have when we are asleep. But the word "dream" fills the expressions we use when we are awake.夢是我們睡著后的幻覺。但是含有“dream”的表達卻使用在我們醒著的時候。"The stuff dreams are made of" is a romantic expression. It describes a really wonderful experience.“The stuff dreams are made of(真像是做了一場夢)”是一個很浪漫的表達。它描述的是一個很美好的體驗。For example, let's say you really love flight and space travel. So, a friend invites you to see a launch of a space shuttle. She even invites you to meet the astronauts who are going to fly into space.舉個例子,假設你特別喜歡飛行和太空旅游。所以,一個朋友邀請你看發射航天飛機。她甚至邀請你和將要飛向太空的宇航員見面。After this experience you can say to her, "That was the stuff dreams are made of! It's a dream come true!"這次經歷之后,你可以對她說,“真像是做了一場夢!我的夢想實現了。”A dream come true is exactly that – a dream that has become reality.夢想實現確切來說就是一個夢變成了現實。Let's make it even better.我們來讓這個夢更夢幻。Let's say your friend can get you on the space shuttle. You can actually wear a space suit and sit in the flight commander's seat! That would be beyond your wildest dreams. In other words, even you could not have dreamed up such a wonderful experience.假設你的朋友能讓你登上航天飛機。實際上你可以穿著太空服坐在飛行指揮官的座位上!那應該比你最瘋狂的還要瘋狂。換句話說,你自己甚至也沒有幻想過會有如此美好的體驗。However, once you enter the space shuttle you feel ill. Your hands shake and you are unable to talk.然而,你一進入航天飛機你就感覺不舒服。你手發抖,你也說不出話。The astronauts try to help you. But you freak out, yelling, "Let me out of here! Let me out of here!" When you start throwing the flight manuals around the cockpit, the police come and remove you from the shuttle.宇航員想要幫助你。你嚇壞了,喊道:“讓我出去!我要出去!”當你開始在駕駛艙里亂扔飛行手冊時,警察來了,并把你從航天飛機上帶下來了。It's a disaster. A nightmare.這簡直是一場災難,是噩夢。After the police take your statement and your fingerprints, your friend tries to calm you down. She tells that everything will be okay. But all you can say to her is, "I wish it was all just a bad dream."在警察錄完你的口供和指紋后,你的朋友想要讓你平靜下來。她說一切都沒問題。但你只能對她說,“我希望這一切只是一場噩夢。”But it wasn't.但它不是。You are barred from participating in any NASA-related field trips. And now you have a police record.你被禁止參加任何與美國航天局有關的參觀學習,而且你有案底了。However, months later your childhood dream of space travel comes back strong. You decide to become a pilot. Your friend advises against it. She reminds you that you have a severe case of claustrophobia, a fear of being in small spaces.然而,數月之后,你又憶起兒時的航天夢,并且這個夢越來越強烈。你決定成為一名飛行員。你朋友反對你當飛行員。她提醒你,說你有嚴重的幽閉恐懼癥,一種害怕待在極小空間的病。She calls your goal of becoming a pilot a pipe dream. A pipe dream is a hope or wish that is impossible to achieve. This expression began in the late 19th century. Word experts say it refers to a dream experienced when smoking an opium pipe. Those dreams rarely come true.她說你想成為飛行員的夢是個“a pipe dream(白日夢)”。白日夢是指不可能實現的期望或者心愿。這個表達源自19世紀晚期。文字學專家說它是指吸食鴉片時做的夢。那些夢很少能成真。But you insist it is possible for you to be the first person to fly around the world with your faithful pet cat -- Galaxy. Your friend, however, says, "Dream on!" She could also say, "In your dreams!"但是你堅持認為你有可能成為第一個帶著你的忠寵貓——“銀河系”一起環球飛行。但你的朋友,說,“繼續做夢!”她也有可能說,“做你的夢吧!”Both of these informal expressions are ways of saying that someone's idea is a fantasy. Friends can use them in a funny way with each other. Otherwise, both expressions can sound a little mean.這兩個非正式表達都是詮釋某人的想法很荒誕。朋友彼此之間可以用開玩笑的方式使用這些短語。否則的話,這兩個短語聽起來都有一點刻薄。Then your friend uses another informal expression. She tells you to wake up and smell the coffee! She adds that you are living in a dream world if you think you can become a world-famous pilot who flies with a cat. People who live in a dream world are unrealistic. They refuse to face facts.然后你的朋友用了另一個非正式表達。她告訴你清醒過來并認清事實(to wake up and smell the coffee)!她接著說道,如果你認為你能變成一個全世界有名的帶著貓飛的飛行員,那你真得是活在夢里。生活在夢境中的人是不現實的。他們拒絕面對現實。Your friend's remarks are hard for you to hear. But you know she is right. So, you decide to write a children's book about someone who flies around the world with a beloved pet. As you are already a children's book author, this is a dream that can definitely come true.你朋友的話使你很難聽進去。但你知道她是對的。所以,你決定寫本關于一個人帶著自己的愛貓環球飛行的書。由于你已經是一個兒童讀物作家,這個夢想絕對可以實現。For the next few months, you happily daydream about the story you will write. To daydream is to let your creative mind, your imagination, take over. Luckily for you, you can daydream anywhere – not just in small spaces such as a cockpit.接下來的幾個月,你愉快地幻想著你要寫的故事。“幻想”是讓你的創造性思維,你的想象力掌控一切。你很走運,你可以想象任何地方——不止是一個像駕駛艙的小空間。It turns out you are better dreaming about air travel than doing it. Your book is a spectacular success. With the money you make from your book sales, you are finally able to buy your dream house. And it has a special room just for Galaxy, your cat.事實證明相較于實際的空中飛行,你更擅長想象。你的書非常成功。有了賣書賺來的錢,你終于能夠買一幢理想的房子。房子里還有一個給你的貓——“銀河系”的專門的房間。Your proud friend invites you to speak at the school where she teaches. You tell her students to follow their dreams and to dream big. You also tell them that even broken dreams have value. You can always pick up the pieces and make a new one!你那以你為傲的朋友邀請你去她教書的地方做演講。你告訴她的學生要堅持自己的夢想并且要有遠大的夢想。你告訴他們即使是破滅的夢想也有價值。你總可以收拾殘局,再次尋夢。That night you call her on the phone to thank her for reminding you to never stop dreaming. She says that is what friends are for.那天晚上你打電話給她,并且謝謝她提醒你永遠不要放棄追夢。她說這是朋友應該做的。"Goodnight," you say.“晚安,”你說。"Goodnight," she says. "Sweet dreams."“晚安,”她說。“好夢。”And that brings us to the end of Words and Their Stories.這就是我們今天《詞匯掌故》的所有內容了。I'm Anna Matteo teaching English for Voice of America. And you know, I wouldn't dream of doing anything else.我是VOA教英語的安娜·馬特奧。你知道的,我不會想著轉行滴。

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