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        Introduce my family

        發表于 2006-6-27 12:47:55 | 只看該作者 回帖獎勵 |倒序瀏覽 |閱讀模式
        <p><span lang="EN-US" style="FONT-SIZE: 14pt; FONT-FAMILY: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;; mso-bidi-font-size: 7.5pt;">Hi, everyone. I’d like to introduce my family to you. My family included my parents, my younger brother and I. That is a common and happy family.<p></p></span></p><p><span lang="EN-US" style="FONT-SIZE: 14pt; FONT-FAMILY: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;; mso-bidi-font-size: 7.5pt;">My father used to be a businessman. And he is retired now. He is one of my great respectable people. He is gentle without you make a serious mistake. I had never forgotten a thing happened when I was a little girl. One day after the rainstorm ceased, I brought my brother to play outside with others. The river is in spate, but we still tried to through it one by one. Sudden my brother was carry away by the spate. This is lucky that he was head off by a big stone and was pulled out the spate by us. I never felt so afraid like this time. My father was very angry when him knew that. This is only once in my remembrance.<p></p></span></p><p><span lang="EN-US" style="FONT-SIZE: 14pt; FONT-FAMILY: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;; mso-bidi-font-size: 7.5pt;">My mother is a housewife. She is good at cooking. Everyone likes it very much in my family. She is a great woman like other mothers. She does much housework every day and takes good care of anyone of us. We can receive her love anywhere. Sometimes she also plays cards in her spare time.<p></p></span></p><p><span lang="EN-US" style="FONT-SIZE: 14pt; FONT-FAMILY: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;; mso-bidi-font-size: 7.5pt;">My younger brother is an estate agent in a real estate’s company. His working time is usually form 8:30 o’clock in the morning to 6:00 o’clock in the evening every day except two days monthly. So we don’t meet each other often, although we are in the same city. He is very diligent in his work. But his work is hard for him, I think. He is an introversive boy. He is ever a little boy in my eyes. <p></p></span></p><p><span lang="EN-US" style="FONT-SIZE: 14pt; FONT-FAMILY: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;; mso-bidi-font-size: 7.5pt;">I am a friendly girl, have a warm heart. Although I have a little bit overweight, I am confident in my life. I like reading, listening to radio, watching TV to spend my spare time. I also like shopping, but it’s a process of pain. When you are happy from your buys, your money is less time by time and your feet are bearing pain. However it is a way of rest for most girls.<br/>I am also a crazy and little fool girl. When you together with me, you will find that out. For example, I had sung a sing out of tune or spoke my poor English loudly when I had a stroll. And I always make a mistake in my talk. I belong to those who are happy and poor single girl. I love my family very much, as they love me.<b><p></p></b></span></p>

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        發表于 2006-7-15 10:28:43 | 只看該作者
        Lulu,&nbsp;frankly speaking,&nbsp;you can ! Keep going ,my dear sister .....

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        發表于 2006-7-12 21:33:28 | 只看該作者
        heihei ,i have read it . hope i can write a good article here like you ,zoe..


        發表于 2006-6-30 16:48:44 | 只看該作者
        Zoe,&nbsp; u moved me very much


         樓主| 發表于 2006-6-30 15:12:45 | 只看該作者
        Thanks all of you. Nothing I have, but I have had you all.


        發表于 2006-6-29 09:54:56 | 只看該作者
        <p>Zoe, </p><p>&nbsp; It is really a nice piece of writing,&nbsp; well begun is half done,&nbsp; you are even great in your world,&nbsp; right ? keep going and make progress day by day, come on !</p>


        發表于 2006-6-28 16:55:15 | 只看該作者
        <strong><font color="#2b91d5" size="4">Good job. At least you've done a good try. Remember: the more you write, the more you improve.</font></strong>


        發表于 2006-6-28 12:02:21 | 只看該作者
        <p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="2">Zoe,</font></p><p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="2">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; You're learning so you're improving and never be afraid to show yourself in public to make you more brilliant, nice piece of work you have done, you will eventually become a good speaker as you wish, just keep going~</font></p><p>&nbsp;</p>[em10]
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         樓主| 發表于 2006-6-28 09:34:39 | 只看該作者
        <p>ccfeng, That's very nice of you. I am here long time. But my English is not well. So don't write as you. I have read your article all of them&nbsp;were very wonderful. </p>
        [此貼子已經被作者于2006-6-28 9:35:19編輯過]


        發表于 2006-6-27 22:32:30 | 只看該作者
        Nice piece of writing. Hope you can come to our forum frequently and participate actively in our activities. We will be happy to have you here.
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